About Us

Oregon Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (OWRA) started over 20 years ago as a way for wildlife rehabilitators in the state to network and communicate. Back then the internet wasn’t the powerful force it is today. They had a print newsletter, had to cold call each other and pay for the long distance.

The organization was meant to be a unifying agent for people who were often in rural areas doing the important work of wildlife rehabilitation on their own dime and out of their homes. This is still mostly the case and while there are a few larger wildlife rehabilitation organizations now, we all support each other though information. That is what OWRA is for. We have an electronic newsletter, email and cell phones. We have more rehabbers and more information than we had back then. We are in many ways the same but with different tools.

OWRA exists because there are amazing, selfless, people out there who spend their days and nights doing wildlife rehabilitation. Responding to tough calls, educating the public as well as cleaning cages, feeding wildlife and dealing with trauma. We are here for you as a resource, a time-saver and sometimes emotional support during the tougher days. We connect you with other rehabilitators in the state, keep you up to date on current best practices and state rules and regulations. We are here to help so you can best help those in your care.

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OWRA Board Members:

Josh Saranppa

Cory Alvis- Allen


Vice President


Lacy Campbell