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OWRA&ODFW MTG on 2/27/2024


February 27th, the Oregon Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (OWRA) had a meeting with Dr. Colin Gilin and Rick Boatner from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to discuss current regulations regarding wildlife rehabilitation.

OWRA raised concerns about the moratorium on rehabilitating adult waterfowl species and highlighted the importance of having trained professionals handle such cases. They emphasized that allowing the public to attempt rehabilitation on their own could pose risks, including the spread of zoonotic diseases and potential dangers to both domestic and wild animals. OWRA pointed out that wildlife rehabilitation centers are well-equipped to handle these situations, as evidenced by the absence of any negative incidents related to rehabilitating waterfowl species. They also mentioned the impact of the moratorium on public trust in rehabilitation centers and the financial implications for their operations.

Dr. Gillin agreed to raise these concerns with the national HPAI committee and encouraged all wildlife rehabilitators to stay informed about regulations and guidelines. OWRA offered to assist in any future revisions of the rules to ensure they align with the intended purpose.

The moratorium on rehabilitating adult waterfowl species remains in place for now, with a follow-up meeting scheduled for early April. Any questions or unclear regulations can be directed to the OWRA email ( for clarification.

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