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OWRA&ODFW MTG on 4/16/2024


ODFW Policy Updates

ODFW rehabilitation updates, Dr. Gillin mentioned to release before spring migration season at the last meeting have not yet completed but he sent them to headquarters (Salem). There are no major updates they can announce so far but we discussed the followings:


HPAI: ODFW is estimating 2-7% of wild birds are impacted. Especially dabbling ducks and some of the shore birds, ODFW wants to be cautious about.

Rabbits: Still no to rehabilitating jackrabbits west of the cascade. Regarding east of the cascade, there are no RHDV2 outbreaks of jackrabbits reported, but it is still in population and very persistent. RHDV2 is very contagious for up to 3 months and it could be longer, depending on the rabbits’ susceptibility.


Question from OWRA members

OWRA received questions from a member about how ODFW determines moratoria on rehabilitation of species in Oregon and whether these moratoria are implemented with an end date or not. Dr. Gillin mentioned ODFW only acts on science, conversing with scientist groups monitoring/tracking the diseases. For example, meeting with HPAI committee weekly and visiting university people about COVID research in wildlife populations. Some corona virus is changing and converting into more of a human form. Corona virus is good at picking up other genetics and become host/species adaptive. End date will be determined when there is no (or low) risk of transmission to bats and other species. About HPAI, if ODFW goes through this hatch season and does not see many die off of goslings, which was seen in 2021, they will discuss what the risks are.


A new ODFW permit specialist

James Coakoe, a new permit specialist, started in early April and his number is 503-947-6315. OWRA will invite him to the next meeting.


Next meeting: May 28, 2024, 10A


Do you have specific rules or things you’d like clarified? Please send your suggestions or questions to!

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