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OWRA&ODFW MTG on 5/28/2024

Updated: Jun 20


Introduction to new ODFW Invasive Species Coordinator

Mr. Keith DeHart is taking over Mr. Boatner’s job for a month now. He has been working for ODFW for 14-15 years. (Congratulation on your retirement, Mr. Boartner!)


ODFW Policy Updates

Currently, Dr. Gillin is updating polices. The possible changes are as follows;

Rabbits: Since he hasn’t seen many RHDV2 cases, the rabbit admission restrictions will be lessening. ODFW would still like to be informed if rehabbers receive a rabbit which has symptoms, like bleeding from the nose.

Bats: Based on recent study, some COVID strains are harder to transfer to humans. Bat admission may be acceptable again, but it has to be delegated care to 1-2 staff to mitigate spread.


He would like to reminds rehabbers that if a rehabilitation facility has not admitted an animal for a period longer than 180 days, ODFW may revoke the permit.


Questions from OWRA Members

Question 1 “Is there a list of species that the ODFW would not permit for rehabilitation if brought in as a neonate?”

Bear: For May-July bear cubs, ODFW could discuss if rehab is possible and what out of state facility to transfer to. August-September bear cubs are old enough on their own.

Bobcat: Allowed to rehab past 7/8 weeks of age.

Raccoon: No age cut off. Release locations must be pre-approved by ODFW district biologist.


Dr. Gillin mentioned protocols are not set in stone. Ultimately, decisions to approve rehabilitation is up to district biologists. Even if one case is approved, it doesn’t mean it applies to other situations. He recommends referring members of the public to OSU VDL if they have any further questions regarding regulations.


Question 2 “Does ODFW have a map of districts for rehabilitators to refer to? Are districts determined by watersheds?”

Not always the case. Some designated areas are depending on counties, and some on how many rehabbers they have in the area. Rehabbers are able to make proposal to district biologists for approval of larger service area.


Next meeting: July 9th, 2024, 10A

Do you have specific rules or things you’d like clarified? Please send your suggestions or questions to !

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